Message from the CEO

To Families:

Innovation is necessary in today’s changing world. That is why The Wylie Center continues to study and analyze the best practices taking place nationwide and worldwide in the serve of children, youth and families. What has positive long-lasting results? Our staff and managers attend a variety of trainings and workshops through the year wanting to gather every bit of knowledge they can to improve their skills and add to the integrity of our programs.

In the months ahead you will see The Wylie Center offer specialized groups for adolescents needing social skills, new advances in parenting training, and compassionate approaches to help heal emotional wounds from loss, separation, and trauma. We encourage you to contact us and submit requests for educational workshops. Contact us to inquire what type of professionals are available to answer your questions or help you deal with children with special needs.

We, at The Wylie Center provide traditional intensive therapeutic services. We also enjoy introducing innovative programs to the community. Our parent library is filled with books, DVDs and videos that provide further state of the art education and instruction.

Whether you need support in dealing with a disruptive child, a child with learning challenges, or a family member with a chronic illness, I know you will benefit from getting acquainted with the services available at The Wylie Center. Do not hesitate. We are here to help so please give us a call.

Melody Amaral, MSW, MAM

Chief Executive Officer