Housing Counseling Services

The Wylie Center is a HUD approved non-profit agency that is committed to strengthening local, public and private partnerships to ensure adequate, affordable and equitable housing opportunities for low-to moderate income families in the communities we serve.

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Homeownership Opportunities

• First-time homebuyer classes available for families interested in homeownership opportunities.

• Homebuyer grants available for first time homebuyers.

Rental Counseling

• Clients who are seeking assistance/education on rental services for landlord tenant law, understanding lease agreements and notices, emergency rental and utility assistance, COVID-19 rent relief and referrals.

• A HUD approved housing counselor will work one on one with landlord/tenant to create a specific action plan to help client maintain housing. Counselor will provide rental assistance and emergency service referrals specific to the client needs.

• Help create financial goals, good rental practices and learn rental rights and responsibilities.

Financial Management/Budgeting

• Clients seeking financial education to get their finances back on track or looking to improve their current situation for major or future purchases.

• Building credit, repairing credit and paying down debt.

• Courses will be offered either in a class setting, online, or one-on-one sessions. Courses are provided for young adults 5-25 years old, adults 26-54 years old, and older adults 55+. Courses range from very basic understanding of finances to very advance with investing.

Foreclosure and Default Education/Counseling

• Clients who are current homeowners facing imminent default, in the default process, in the foreclosure process, or have a sale date can meet and work with a housing counselor.

• One to One counseling services are available to assist families struggling to stay in their homes.

• HUD Certified Counselors will assist clients working with their lenders to establish a current budget, help with application process, and understanding of workout option to maintain homeownership.

Reverse Mortgage

• Homeowners who are age 62 or older seeking to receive cash from their equity or have no monthly mortgage payment.

Homeless Counseling

• Clients who are seeking short/long term housing sustainability, financial management, medical services and mental/physical referrals.

• Counselor will work one-on-one to determine referrals needed per client case and will provide guidance throughout process.

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